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Revit Training

Bonnington Surveys offer an expert-led, hands-on Revit training course specifically focusing on modelling the as-built environment from point cloud data.

No previous experience with Revit is necessary.

Course: An Introduction to As-Built Modelling from Point Cloud Data in Revit

The course will provide 15 Formal CPD hours with a certificate issued upon completion.

This 2-day Revit training course, led by an Autodesk Revit Certified Professional, is designed to address the challenges that will be encountered in a typical BIM/3D modelling project, from initial specifications and levels of detail/development right through to the delivery of the finished model to the client, and all of the key stages in between.

The range of subjects covered includes:

  • Model specification and LOD (levels of detail/development)
  • Preparing point clouds data for use in Revit
  • Revit and coordinates - correctly georeferencing the project
  • Typical Revit as-built modelling strategies
  • Modelling with basic Revit objects (walls, floors, ceilings, columns and beams)
  • Creating your own parametric families using the family editor
  • Options available for exporting the model
  • Presentation of the completed model

Given the broad range of the subject, it is not possible to cover everything in the limited time available in a 2-day course, so if there are any particular topics of interest that you would like the training to focus on then we can tailor this course to specifically meet your needs.

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Please get in contact to discuss your requirements further and for more information about course options, pricing and available dates.

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